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GROW is not your typical gym.


It isn't a strip-mall fitness center. There aren't machines clanking, speakers blaring, and TVs on endless loops. You won't find hard bodies in every corner. In fact, things change every week, every day, every hour.

GROW keeps it fresh. Workouts change as you change. There's music, but you really don't hear it. You are too busy having fun and watching your body change. Pounds are lost, inches increase and decrease in all the right places, and you aren't miserable! 


The #1 toughest thing about going to a gym is that it's hard and not usually fun. What if you could exercise in an environment where results are achieved and you are actually enjoying yourself? A place where you make friends, every single person is different, and each one has a goal to achieve. That goal? Become a healthier person. Don't be ashamed when you look in the mirror. Fit into your favorite clothes. Love yourself more. Feel better about being seen. Tone up. Build muscle. That place is GROW.

What makes GROW different? It's not a question of what, it's of who. Meet Rachel Cooper. Rachel had a solid, well-paying, and impressive job as a radiation therapist at Carteret Health Care for years. But something wasn't clicking.Rachel had a strong desire to embrace fitness and wellness at its core. And, she wanted to apply that passion to help others. Her years in the medical field had given her incomparable insight into the real world with actual people like me and you who want to be healthier. This experience led her to open a small gym and teach classes to a few friends. But what started as a passion, a desire, a hunger, soon became a profession with multiple classes a day and many eager clients. It grew so big that Rachel now has a larger new state-of-the-art location in the heart of Beaufort! 


Big Title


GROW Fitness + Wellness is the 2023 New Business of the Year! Fitness


410 Live Oak Street, Beaufort           (252) 269 0520                 Find us on 

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